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Who is MicroBlading For?

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Eyebrow Microblading uses a small disposable hand tool, similar to a pencil in size, with microneedles forming a blade. This procedure has dramatically changed appearances and brought youth back to many women.

Don't let your Brows Rule your life. Take control now with MicroBlading!

 Beautiful RESULTS 

Thinning Eyebrows: If you have thinning brows Microblading is perfect for you. It helps to increase the fullness of your brows. So, it is perfect for men and women of all ages who have thinning eyebrows.
Natural Look:  Unlike regular brow tattoos, Microblading gives them a more natural look. So, this procedure is perfect for anyone who wants their brows to have a full natural look. 
Darker Brows: A lot of men and women, especially those with lighter looking brows, have issues with their brows being too light to see. Microblading helps solve this issue by adding to the natural color of your brows to create a darker look.

With one suitcase in hand, Renata Rensky an Immigrant of the Former Soviet Union and Political Refugee, left her country without anything... After being forced to resign her citizenship she ended up in Hollywood. After assisting celebrity makeup artists, Renata created her own Make-up company and permanent make-up studio and recreated herself. This is why she's SELF MADE.

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Dianna Whitfield
"For years I wanted permanent liner and brows but honestly I was afraid to do it.
I was so tired of putting on eyebrows and liner each day. It is so fabulous to wake up looking refreshed and ready to go without applying makeup. I love my new eyebrows and eyeliner!
Thank you Renata and Anna. I'm so grateful!"

I have a 5.0 star rating for a reason!

Lisa Gudiño
"Renata is amazing!! Apart from her profesionalism she is a lovely person at heart.. I had my eyebrows done today and I love them! it's only been a few hours and there is no major discomfort and I'm sure that with the after care instructions they will look even better than what they look now. I was kinda nervous and scared it was gonna hurt but the numbing cream worked great! Thank you Renata you did a great job I definately recomend you."
Corina Barbu
"Fantastic experience and results with both Renata and Ana during micro-shading my eyebrows. I was reluctant to do it initially, thinking it might be painful as I’m very sensitive to pain, but the whole process went smoothly and no pain, just little prickling/ tingling. They explained the process step by step and made sure I was comfortable with the eyebrow arch shape, thickness, color before they started, so that there were no surprises. Did I mention how much I love the results."

Microblading is an Eyebrow solution with instant results

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Microshading is the perfect brow option for people with sensitive skin. It's done by tattooing super fine lines throughout your brow to look like natural hairs. It is used to fill out sparse brows and give them a fuller look.
BB Glow Treatment is a safe skin treatment that assists in reduction of the appearance of freckles and lightening of your skin. It also helps with skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging or age spots.